Wednesday, August 14, 2013

You Can't Always Tell A Book By Its Cover

And you can't always tell what's inside a shell!

Okay so at lunch today, I walked around the marina which is always interesting & fun. Saw various critters including lots of hermit crabs. Then I spied a really cool shell about 7" long so asked a fellow nearby if it was empty (no crab).

He picked it up, gave it to me stating, "he's gone". It felt kinda heavy to be an empty shell so I asked 2 more sailors. One stuck his finger in it saying "it's empty". The other said "you have to listen for a clicking noise" and held it up to his ear. "Nothing there" he assured me.

Cool! I thought as I envisioned cleaning it up & sitting it on my coffee table. Came back to work and showed it to my co-workers who were envious of this great find. I washed it in the sink, dried it off & set it on my file cabinet. Went to make copies and admired my new trophy as I walked out of my office.

On my return a few minutes later, I screeched out, "IT'S ALIVE!!!" as giant crab claws were emerging from my beautiful shell - UGH!! I quickly grabbed a box & as I came close, the freaked out monster disappeared back inside it's condo. Thank goodness I have an understanding boss as I jumped into my car & took it back to the Marina.

Moral of the story: Go by your gut instinct & don't trust a passing sailor when asking him about hermit crabs.


Here's a similar hermit crap in shallow water

A crab

Another hermit crab

A beautiful but very warm day

7:30am this morning

6:00am this morning

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