Sunday, August 31, 2014

Frequenly Asked Questions

In 2010, I moved to Panama City Beach, Florida, and while walking on the beach, I would pick up seashells, even broken ones, and treasured them. Over time, I became more selective and discovered that some shells were buried in the sand and in 2011, our beach was restored which resulted in lots of buried seashells. Now when I walk, I always take my trowel, 2 plastic bags, my camera, my phone and if hot, a beach umbrella to protect from the sun.

Note: Please refill and pack your holes to avoid injury to others!

Here are a few questions I get asked...

1. Where do you dig?
I dig where I can walk or ride my bike which would be from about beach exit 14 to beach exit 1 and also in St Andrews State Park.

2. How do know where to dig?
I don't know. It's a guessing game and that's part of the fun/challenge. However, when I find a good spot, I often return to it.

3. Do you dig close to shore?
Sometimes yes but usually, I dig near the middle of the beach, away from crowds.

4. How deep do you dig?
Anywhere from 2 inches to 2 feet.

5. What do you dig with?
I dig with a small trowel that fits in my back pocket.

6. What do you do with your shells?
I keep a few and give the rest away, sometimes mailing them to friends in other states. I've made a pair of earrings & a few crafts with my granddaughter but the fun for me is the hunt.

7. How do you clean your shells?
I simply rinse with water and then 'paint' them with baby oil (mineral oil) to bring out the color.

8. How do you display the shells you keep?
Most of my shells are in various glass containers and some are sitting on my dresser.

9. Have you ever tried hunting at Crooked Island?
My daughter and I took kayaks to Crooked Island one time and it was covered with large cockle shells - so cool!  

10. Have you ever been to Shell Island?
Not yet! 

11. What's your best advice? Dig and then dig some more. If no success, move to another spot and dig again. Also, I like to dig where others have dug because chances are there are more buried treasures there nearby :)

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  1. I want to buy some shells! Maybe even pick them up Dec12th after Graduation. Will see about that one.

  2. Sorry don't sell shells BUT to my friends free + shipping :) Later gator!

  3. Update: Went to Shell Island for the first time a month or so ago and guess what, found no shells lol... But I've heard of others who found lots of shells there... you just never know :)

  4. I enjoy your videos, and it's like looking for buried treasure, well it really is buried treasure. I live in NE Ohio, and it is my dream to dig and walk the beach for shells. Those angel shells, scallops, and even the mini's intrigue me, oh any of them are lovely and a gift from the sea. You are so blessed to live near the ocean and such treasures. I hope that one day I might get to to dig and search.

  5. Live in Mississippi and will be visiting Panama City Beach this coming weekend. My perfect day full of fun and relaxation is searching for shells and sand dollars. I guess you could say that I have an obsession. SMILE..!
    Where would you recommend that I go to search, as I have never been to PCB? Thanks so much and I hope to have lots of fun and success. Thanks so much for your wonderful videos and tips!!

    1. Hi Grace, that is the challenge... where are the shells? Some are tossing in the waves & others are buried. Where are they buried? Good question! I walk on the beach, keeping a trowel and bag in my pocket, so if I get an urge to dig, I am ready. You may find a great spot and the next day the waves have covered it or someone else is digging there. This is all part of the fun! Happy Shelling Grace

  6. Looking to visit your area this weekend for the first time. Where would you reccomend that I start my search? I will be looking for sand dollars and shells as well.. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of your videos and advice that you have shared! Looking so forward to spending the weekend doing nothing but shell searching. SMILE!

    1. On occasion, I have found small sand dollars along the shore in the state park and once in a while a big one while digging. Have fun!

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