Sunday, September 7, 2014

Shelling the First Week of September

Lots of good stuff!

No work on Labor Day (Monday) so had fun on the beach in spite of the heat.

Dig 1/Bag 1

L-R: Murex, Shark Eye, Florida Alphabet Cone, Lightning Whelk and Egg Cockel

Dig 2/Bag 2

L-R: Auger, Spiny Jewel Box, Distorsio, Common Sundial, Common Nutmeg and Prickly Cockle

Amazing Moon

Yesterday, Sept 7 (Saturday)

Dig 1/Bag 1

Fist full of Common Nutmegs and Florida Alphabet Cones

Dig 2/Bag 2

Love Tulips!

My Tulip Jar

Today, Sept 7 (Sunday)
Dig 1/Bag 1

Common Sundial and big ol' Ark

31 Pelicans flying home to roost at sunset

Watch a short vid

Dig 2/Bag 2

Found another pretty Tulip!

Baby's Ear

Rock Shell

Tonight's sunset

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