Sunday, March 1, 2015

Welcome to March

No sun all weekend but did visit St Andrews State Park a few times where I found most of these shells along the shore... little digging

SOME of my finds today

Yesterday... 2 times out and about

Friday night


  1. Your photos are great, Cathy! Do you ever find your shells by them rolling up onto the beach? Or is the majority of them found by digging in the sand after a beach has been 'reconstituted'? I just think that this method of digging into the sand to find shells sounds so unbelievably fun that I can't even stand it! Maybe cuz it's so similar to my love of rock hounding.
    Do you know, can this be done at any beach in FL? I can't imagine the 'touristy' beaches are naturally sandy and that dredgers would have to be used to add to that sand...
    Thanks again, Cathy. Great post.

    1. Thanks Kaye ~ Most of the cool shells I find by digging. And it is fun! Most likely this can be done wherever the beaches have been restored which they did here in 2011.
      Happy Shelling!