Sunday, February 22, 2015

Happy Shelling!

My little Valentine spent the weekend with Grandma so forgot to post last week...

It's been too cold to do much shelling so rinsed off a few

Got Shells?

Did I mention that it was cold here?

This morning's haul

Have a great week!


  1. Love reading your posts. The amount of shells you find by digging is amazing. Your granddaughter is so cute. It warmed up to 9 degrees today here in Pa. I hope we all have a warm weather!

  2. Thanks so much!! Glad you like. Stay warm :)

  3. I just recently found your shelling videos & blog. It is so fun to watch someone go shelling & find such amazing shells. Living in ND I loved to go 'rock hounding' but always dreamt of shelling. I've gotten to shell 3 times now after visiting FL 3 yrs in a row and I absolutely love it. But the shells you have are just outstanding compared to what I've found. You lucky duck! Thanks for your videos. I hope you keep them coming!

    1. Thanks Kaye. It's a fun/crazy hobby and would never be doing it if I hadn't moved here. Now I'm addicted LOL