Saturday, November 9, 2013

Friday & Saturday Fun

Enjoyed a lunchtime stroll Friday and picked up a few goodies along the shore

By the time I get home, the sun has set but won't complain too loudly when I am greeted by this view!

Saturday morning was chilly but sunny and as it turned out, was a beautiful warm day!

This washed ashore during my morning walk

Egret on the hunt

Met some nice folks from Huntsville, TN while digging this morning and in the afternoon, rode my bike to St Andrews State Park... love these yellow plants!

Rocky found him a fish at the jetty

A flock of egrets... I think!

This is where I sat and dug at the state park... such a pretty day

A few goodies

Back home, these critters were chasing each other on the palmtree by my patio

See the 3rd one?

Sunset time...

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