Sunday, November 17, 2013

Another GREAT Day Shelling!

Stopped to dig and gave 2 conchs a couple passing by who then joined me to dig up their own shells.

Clair is from Columbia and Buddy is a local guy. Always fun to meet new folks on the beach!

Then continued to my regular spot. It was really windy and overcast but endured and got some good shells.

Then while walking back, came upon an area where the water was exposing buried shells and so I had to stop and dig once again LOL!

Got lots more here!

Florida Alphabet Cone

Lightning Whelk

LATER in the afternoon, rode my bike to and through St Andrews State Park... lots of deer and one came right up to me looking for a treat when it heard the noise of the plastic baggie where I kept my iphone lol!

Then later a couple of them were romping with each other

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