Sunday, January 11, 2015

Pickin', Pluckin' & Diggin' for Seashells

Some folks are surprised it can get below freezing in Florida but here in the panhandle, most every winter we see it and shudder BRRRR! In fact, it was 22 degrees last week when I got in my car to go to work. Nevertheless, like the mail carriers, little will keep a sheller from shelling.So this past week, my finds were from picking up along the shore, plucking out of the sand dunes or and some digging.

Today, I dug up some goodies which included a family of Bittersweet clam shells along with a couple of big broken pieces of a Horse Conch & Lightning Whelk.

Here's a pic of finding the Lightning Whelk which of course turned out to be just a piece of it

Wednesday at lunch, here a few goodies I found sticking out of a sand dune at the state park


Yesterday I took pics of my Seashell Gallery

And here are a few misc photos from this past week... more of which can be found here:

Monday sunrise

Morning moon

Tuesday Hawk

Wednesday deer

Henry the Heron on pier patrol

Thursday yellow-bellied sapsucker

Busted water pipe created pretty icicles on this bush in 22 deg weather

Saturday morning moon

Bambi wandered off the reservation again


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