Monday, September 29, 2014

Autumn Brings Cooler Weather

Monday at St Andrews State Park

Friday sunset

Saturday morning

Bag 1

Found another beautiful Giant Eastern Murex

Went back in the afternoon

Shark Eye, Jackknife clam and Bittersweet clam

Royal Tern

Some of my favs

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Found Another Triton Today

Bought this mirror a few months ago and this week experimented to take this photo. Like?

Lunchtime Tuesday at St Andrews State Park saw 3 beautiful bucks

Short video of the bucks


Was greeted by this when I got home from work!



Found this Triton along with other shells at the St Andrews State Park in the sand dunes

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Surprise at my Door!

When I came home from work Tuesday, I found this anonymous gift waiting for me... a big Pen Shell!

Sunset that same night

The Next Morning

Thursday at the St Andrews State Park pier at lunchtime

Saturday morning walk to the jetty and back - 5 miles

Found a Banded Sea Star

No dig - just picked up along the way

Today, Sunday, Sept 14, 2014
Morning dig

Afternoon dig

Tonight's sunset

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Shelling the First Week of September

Lots of good stuff!

No work on Labor Day (Monday) so had fun on the beach in spite of the heat.

Dig 1/Bag 1

L-R: Murex, Shark Eye, Florida Alphabet Cone, Lightning Whelk and Egg Cockel

Dig 2/Bag 2

L-R: Auger, Spiny Jewel Box, Distorsio, Common Sundial, Common Nutmeg and Prickly Cockle

Amazing Moon

Yesterday, Sept 7 (Saturday)

Dig 1/Bag 1

Fist full of Common Nutmegs and Florida Alphabet Cones

Dig 2/Bag 2

Love Tulips!

My Tulip Jar

Today, Sept 7 (Sunday)
Dig 1/Bag 1

Common Sundial and big ol' Ark

31 Pelicans flying home to roost at sunset

Watch a short vid

Dig 2/Bag 2

Found another pretty Tulip!

Baby's Ear

Rock Shell

Tonight's sunset