Sunday, October 5, 2014

Hobby, Obession, Passion or ??

Since moving to Panama City Beach in 2010, finding shells and taking photos have been my fav pastimes while on the beach. Pretty fun stuff but am I out of control? LOL not yet... I hope!

It was a beautiful weekend so had to get outside and hunt the shell...

Yesterday morning

The Auger

Yesterday afternoon

This morning

This afternoon at St Andrews State Park

Folks often ask what I do with the shells. My answer: I keep a FEW, take pictures of them and give most away. Here are SOME of the FEW I've kept :)

Wed evening afterglow

A super duper twilight Friday

The Emerald Coast from the St Andrews State Park pier

Seashell Still Life

Big thanks to Rachael for these very cool shell lights she made for me!

Short Goodnight Moon vid for you from last night

And from tonight... Goodnight Sun!

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