Sunday, June 1, 2014

Great Week in the Sand Pit: Junonia, Tulip, Lightning Whelk Etc!

Today, June 1, is the first day of Hurricane season but I am encouraged by this great photo by my daughter at Laketown Wharf here in Panama City Beach!

The Week in Review

Not much shell action but got this sweet pic of a seagull at sunset

Again, nothing to shout about but we did have some beautiful weather

The highlight was seeing 2 Osprey chicks! Then we had rain so no shelling

Finally, some shells! The black thing on top is an egg sack which I threw back in the water

A fist full of Florida Alphabet Cones

Okay... this was the BIG day! First found a Tulip shell and within minutes found a Junonia, my 5th thus far! Due to rain, I was in and out and got 3 bags of shells but gave one bag away and will ship another tomorrow so it's all good!!
Tulip, Junonia & Cockel

Bag 1

Bay 2

Bay 3

My place of digging the past few weeks

Also traded these Sand Dollars for another bag of shells

Cleaned up to ship out

Spent most the day playing in the water with family but did dig a bit

Fighting Couch, Lettered Olive and Spiny Jewel Box

Cabrit's Murix

Passing storm

That's all folks!

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