Sunday, March 30, 2014

Shellers Oscar and Ginette in Panama City Beach

This was Oscar & Ginette's first visit to Panama City Beach. The friendly shellers are from Ottawa and have been here for a few months but are leaving Tuesday.

We met yesterday morning while I was digging up shells some of which they were thrilled to have. Then today, saw them again here where I dug last week, he with a trowel and she with a large shell piece, digging up a storm. They thanked me for showing them "how to dig for shells"... FUN!

It was a beautiful windy day and I was rewarded when I walked at St Andrews State Park early this morning by this find in the sand dune... I think it's a Quahog Shell

Here are few scallops I found along the shore

A few goodies from this afternoon: Scotch Bonnets, Augers and one of my favs, White Baby Ears

A lovely sunset tonight

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