Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Cabrit's Murex & a Velvet Egg Cockle

The days are getting shorter so went on the beach with trowel in hand right after I got home from work and was rewarded with a Cabrit's Murex & a Velvet Egg Cockle!

The Cockle is fragile and I usually find broken or smaller ones so this was a nice surprise.

The Murex also is fragile with the spiny pieces usually broken off so I am happy to find both these today :D !


It was a beautiful Oct 1st morning!

Rise and Shine!

My condo is in the far right building, bottom floor facing the Gulf

Looking West with my Zoomed in view

At lunch, went to the state park campground and walked around... very relaxing and fun...

Your campsite is ready! Pick one...

The bay

Not sure why they named this bird Red-Bellied Woodpecker when his head is red and not his belly LOL!


Another Heron

And a third Heron!

Lovely sunset

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