Sunday, December 28, 2014

Celebrated the Birth of Jesus Christ this week & Found Lots of Starfish/Sea Stars

The wise men followed a star to Baby Jesus and the day after Christmas lots of starfish wash ashore. The drop in temp killed them, sad to say. Here's my starfish (or sea star) photos...

The day after Christmas and found these along the beach

My fav is the Royal Starfish

Went out again and found some more

Close up... 4 kinds

Later in the day, walked a couple of miles down to the jetty and found MORE...

Close up

Brought these back plus a few more

My starfish haul on the patio drying out

Today brought them inside and already gave away 12 of them

Still Life of starfish, barnacles and oyster shells

ALSO found shells...

Christmas eve got off work early and went digging...

Day after Christmas

Orange Tellin... first time to find one and both front and bottom still connected!

Yesterday morning

Afternoon dig at the state park

My view while perched on a sand dune digging for hidden treasure

This morning

Condo Flyby

This afternoon

By the way, we had a White (sand) Christmas!

Pretty Cockles and Poinsettia

Sunday, December 21, 2014

It's Official... The Days Will Now Get Longer :)

It was grey and dreary all weekend but today was the shortest day of the year and now the days will begin getting longer

Today was interesting as I dug and found 3 bullets which I gave to my cop neighbor who took care of them for me. You just never know what kinda a shell you'll find!

Later this afternoon between rain, collected lots of shells in the state park - no dig - and this deceased but pretty sea star

Today's Keepers

And yesterday, also no dig and found all this

Again no dig on Thursday at lunch...

Turkey Wing & another Sand Dollar

Mossy Arks

From yesterday, this Osprey taking his Mullet breakfast over my head

Sunday, December 14, 2014

More Shelling in December

Been shelling at St Andrews State Park a few times this week

Here's a tulip

It's fun to find shells hiding in the sand dunes

My bounty last Tuesday and Wednesday during my lunch hour

Friday was our work Christmas Party at lunch and then got the rest of the day off, so guess what I did?

Saturday shelling

Sunday shelling

Made a still life on the beach with my finds

Afternoon dig

Found another Angle wing to add to my little collection

Happy Shelling!